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First of all I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of my clients for being patient during this time of closure… ⠀

As many of you are aware Lancaster County extended the opening date to May 11. With today’s Journal Star news article identifying Lincoln as a rising hotspot, it seems premature in my opinion. After careful consideration and unlimited thought about the matter I am extending my date to open. It will likely occur around June 2 depending on where we are at in the pandemic.⠀

This was not an easy decision to make, but I have to look at the health and safety of my family, myself, and all of my loyal clients… Also because of the DHM I would have to adapt stricter guidelines (albeit for safety) but in my opinion it interferes with client experience, efficient time management and also drives up costs. ⠀

As the month goes on I will continue to assess my position on the matter but just know I am anxiously waiting to get back to all of you lovelies💗💗
I’m sure that I have spoken to most of you that are scheduled but for those of you that may not know we are on a mandatory shut down… 🙁 Please contact me (if we haven’t spoke yet) to reschedule any outstanding appointments. #socialdistancing #wegotthis #hairlove
Look at this babe🥰🥰 - time to go lighter‼️ #redkenobsessed #flashliftbonderinside #blondehair #babe #stylist
SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: to all my valued clients, family and friends⠀

First let me start by saying I appreciate and thank you for your continued support and loyalty though out the years! It’s imperative to do all we can to support, respect and be kind to one another throughout this confusingly difficult time! ⠀

With that said.... Due to COVID-19 and all instructions from our State Board, Health and Government officials here is how I plan proceed until otherwise instructed ⠀

•If you’re having cough, sore throat or flu like symptoms please reschedule until you have been seen your doctor.⠀

•If there are any questions as to whether you should cancel (recent travel, illness, compromised health conditions, ect) PLEASE DO! I will gladly reschedule your appointment!⠀

•You will be asked to wash/sanitize your hands upon entering my suite. ⠀

•I will continue wiping down my station, chairs and doorknob etc ⠀

•I am continuing to give you my one on one, undivided attention without overlapping or double booking appointments (this will limit your exposure and enhances social distancing)⠀

•I strive to run on time with appointments, as you all know😉 so no need to come extremely early for your appointment, I should be ready for you at your scheduled appointment time⠀

•I am going to continue to work until I am instructed not to by government officials and as long as I have clients⠀

Thank you!
Such a great space ‼️ can’t wait for all of you to see the new spot at Moxie Hair🥰

Feel free to share 😘😘 #independentartist #stylist #getyourhairdone #scheduletoday #getatme
Blonde bombshell 😍 full hilite- no toner needed. Cut off inches on inches and she still has enough hair for 3 people😂 #flashliftbonderinside #redkenobsessed #nofilter
Silky smooth locks 🥰 Brazilian Blowout for the win. Get scheduled more‼️ #brazilianblowout #brazilianblowoutcertified
If you haven’t had an appointment during the month of February then I haven’t had a chance to speak with you so I thought I would share some exciting news. As of March 1st I will be moving to a new salon that is centrally located and as such, much closer to my sons school and daycare. The space is SO COOL and I will have my own private room. I have been so blessed to be at CK & Co Salon for the last 5 years so it’ll be hard to leave such great friends and atmosphere but just know I chose a great spot to build a future 💗 and it is my hope that every one of you will join me in this new endeavor! Have your eyes peeled for this postcard and if you have any questions feel free to reach out! 😘😘
Get at ya girl 🤣🤣
Another gorgeous client selfie 🥰 fresh hilite/lowlite, cut and curls 😎 #flashliftbonderinside #shadeseq #kenracolor #babyliss
I love when my clients selfie really showcases their poppin hair color 😍 #kenracolor
Total transformation 😍 took about a foot off and balyaged caramel yumminess ‼️ #flashliftbonderinside #shadeseq #redkenobsessed #handpainted
Just a little silvery lavender magic! #nofilter #flashliftbonderinside #shadeseq #redkenobsessed
Hilite/lowlite for the win🙌🏼 #flashliftbonderinside #shades #redkenobsessed
Check out this transformation! Took about a foot of hair and added some hand painted caramel love 💕 #flashliftbonderinside #shadeseq #handpainted #transformationtuesday
Cherry Cola 🔥 #kenraprofessional #handpainted
One off my favorite clients🥰 she is always coming up with fun ideas for her hair. Neon green is life! #vivid
Hilite and lowlight after cutting off over 6 inches 😍😍 #flashliftbonderinside #shadeseq #redkenobsessed #kenracolor #hilites #lowlights #multidimensional
Yes I will give you a mullet 😎 they are coming back- get you a mullet!
This right here...
Left is after I cut and styled the wig for my Pat Benatar costume... the right picture is how it was purchased.
Retouch on previous balyage 💗 #redkenobsessed #redken #flashlift
Loving this contrast and shine ❤️ highlight/lowlight for the win #redkenobsessed #flashliftbonderinside #shadeseq
Concert ready 🤘🏼 wanted bright yellow hair for Twenty One Pilots 😎 mission accomplished
Blended out previously lightened hair with a shadow root and low lights #kenracolor
There is still time to get the kiddos in while they’re on break next week! Be sure to text or call and schedule a time.
So much fun!!! Dusty lavender for the win. Swipe left to check out the before. This will fade beautifully and as her grey grows in it will be nearly seamless transition😁 #guytangmydentity
Absolutely perfect color for fall... are you ready to bring on fall with a fresh cut or color?
Merm- man perms are coming back😎
Hard part for the win🙌🏼
This little guy is always challenging me with new requests
Short hair- don't care🤷🏼‍♀️

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